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Complete School, College & University Management Software

An intuitive and powerful interface that requires little training and ensures that work gets done quickly.

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Affordable Price

ACADMiN comes with the lowest and affordable price without compromising on quality.

Easy to Use

An easy-to-use software that does not require any specialized training.


ACADMiN is scalable and customizable as per your school requirements.

100+ Schools & Colleges

50,000+ Students & Teachers

Successfully implemented ACADMiN – School Management System, College Management System, School ERP, & College ERP in 100+ schools with a strength of around 50,000 Students . An innovative and the best school software designed with the best and foremost technology-based learning, creating an easy and interesting environment for the kids. Learning made easy with an enhanced set of tools for communication between teachers, students, and parents. ACADMiN – School Management System, College Management System, School ERP, & College ERP offers a wide range of services from startup schools to large international schools.

Automate everything to make faster decisions with ACADMiN

ACADMiN – School Management System, College Management System, School ERP, & College ERP transforms schools into smart schools which are always the preferred choice for new age schools. ACADMiN – School Management System, College Management System, School ERP, & College ERP is one of the most user-friendly school management erp software that helps in connecting the students, teachers, and parents on a single platform.

It is a one-stop solution for all types of school requirements to automate the data and make the school management process a hassle-free process. Quick communication, flawless administration, and transparent operations are some of the highlights of ACADMiN ERP that rank your school on top of the list of smart schools.

This complete automated erp school management software is the answer to all your problems, whether it is the admission process, attendance management, fee management, examination records, library management, salary management, transport management or timetable management.

Highlights Of ACADMiN

  1. Systematic admission process with complete data and document completion.
  2. Session wise fee management and automatic fee payment reminders.
  3. Hassle-free control and management of multiple branches of school.
  4. Scheduling of examinations and customized generated report cards.
  5. Automated timetables for teachers and students in a single click.

Words from our Happy Customers...

I want you to know that everyone in our college is very impressed and pleased with the Future Tech Partner ACADMiN software. I have had experience in working with ACADMiN software now for over 2 years and I can say with all honesty that through software we can make our results within the time limit of 30 minutes. Software functioning is very simple to understand than I have ever experienced. The team of Future Tech Partner is also helpful while needed any help

Prof. Soni Khemani- HOD [BMM Dept] (Ramniranjan Jhunjunwala College)

I really appreciate the effort that you have taken on last Sunday. I know that you and your staff take rest on every Sunday after a weeks hectic work. I was hesitant to call you in the early morning when our college (St. Gonsalo College) result team came to a stand still due to a technical issue . You took my call by leaving a good holiday morning nap. I took this risk because I promised results on Monday morning. Even though you are not directly involved with the issue , you applied your intelligence and solved the problem and stayed back with us to complete the task. We declared our result on Monday. This note is to thank you for you and your team for your total commitment to the cause and wish you all success and hope more colleges will join you. May God bless you.

Prof. Jose George (St. Gonsalo Garcia College)

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