"ACADMiN" Education ERP Software is a total integrated CLOUD-BASED campus management system that contains all prime functionalities including Administrative, Academic, Learning Management, Communications, and Productivity at a very affordable cost. It is an interactive and the best platform for management, staff, students, and parents to manage and collaborate with day-to-day campus-associated tasks more efficiently and effectively from anywhere and at anytime.

It has got 30+ affordable and the best online features ranging from admission to leaving certificate, fee management to bus tracking, attendance to results report, e-circulars to the webinar, an operational dashboard to extra-curricular management, ID Card generation to Certificates Printing, and many more...

"ACADMiN" Education ERP Software which can be integrated with any 3rd party tools like Biometric, RFID, Online Payment Gateway, Accounts Software, and so on.

This technology solution is tailor-made to cater to the needs of Pre-Schools, Main Stream Schools, Colleges, Universities, and e-Governance Solutions for the Governments.
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Easy Customisation

Each module is easy to configure and customizable as per YOUR requirement!

User Friendly

"ACADMiN" Education ERP Software is very simple to use, can be operated from day one without any technical expertise!

Quick Implementation

No need to wait weeks or months to go live. "ACADMiN" Education ERP Software, built on technologies that give results from day one!

Quick Support

Access Using Phone, Tablet, or Desktop. We provide 24/7 Telephonic Support-Peace of Mind!

Key Features

The Unique Feature is put on the app as per your demand and we select the feature for you.


"ACADMiN" Education ERP Software is completely Cloud-based. Zero investment in IT infrastructure. So, you don’t need to set up any server at your premises. The complete solution is accessible from anywhere.
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cloud based
data security


Our best Education ERP software has the most advanced Security Algorithms to make your data safe and only accessible by you.
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Access using phone, tablet, or personal computer. We provide 24/7 telephonic support. Maintenance and support continued after-sales.
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Modules of ACADMiN ERP

  • Student's Enquiry and Admission Management System
  • Student's Fees Management System
  • Exam/Results Management System
  • Attendance Management System
  • ID Card Management System
  • Assignments Management System
  • Bulk SMS & Email
  • Messaging Mailbox(Internal)
  • MIS Management Information System (Report)
  • Live Class/E-Learning

Student's Enquiry and Admission Management System

Simplifies the admission procedure for the Institutions. Students can now avoid long queues. Helps students to take admission directly into the Institution. It is quick and easy to use, whether online or offline. Enter all required basic information of subjects in the Institution so that software gets easily synchronised to your present subject structure of the Institution.
Student's Enquiry and Admission Management System

Student's Fees Management System

The module keeps track of all fees collected from students, our system categorized fee data based on the initial setup with the respective structure of the class, terms, etc., our system allows authorized individuals to be aware of all fees collected in a class or category at any time.
Student's Fees Management System

Exam/Results Management System

This module helps to evaluate and grade classwork, homework, assignments, and project work done by the student of the institute throughout the year and finally the term-end examination evaluation. This evaluation is generally prone to several mistakes leading to both student and teacher dissatisfaction.

"ACADMiN" Education ERP Software makes the assessment easy and helps the teaching staff to deliver the best education leaving the burden of assessment.

Generate results, mark sheets, and certificates for students at any given points time - with no extra effort.
Exam Management System

Attendance Management System

The challenging task of student’s daily attendance can be done easily with the help of this module. Auto alert of attendance to Admin, Student, and Parents. Informative Graphs are used to Display Attendance Information for Better Understanding.

ID Card Management System

Allows you to generate ID cards as per your institute design needs with multiple formats for all departments.
ID Card

Assignments Management System

Allows Teachers to assign and upload assignments to the student's respective accounts. Helps in evaluation and correction of assignments remotely. Parents can easily keep track of all the kid's assignments at one place.

Bulk SMS & Email

With Bulk SMS & Email, it becomes easy for you to send messages to selected or all groups of Students/Teachers/Staff. Text messages/Emails provide you with utmost readability. Reach a large audience expansively. Creation and Editing of Message/Email templates.

Messaging Mailbox(Internal)

"ACADMiN" Education ERP Software enables an internal communication system between every user of the web portal through the mobile app. Notify message to every user on portal.

MIS Management Information System (Report)

Shows a graphic representation of admission, fees, exam, attendance, academics, transport, email and events.

Live Class/E-Learning

Live online classes allow interaction with students through video, chats, and comments, which helps to make the class more dynamic. This encourages debate and allows immediate answers to questions. Using a simple messaging system, the watching can interact with the teacher and other viewers.

Benefits of ACADMiN ERP

A benefit to everyone!

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At Future Tech Partner we have developed an innovative and creative cloud-based product called "ACADMiN" Education ERP Software, a powerful tool built on simple technologies and focused on Educational Institutes since its inception FTP choose to focus on developing its core competencies instead of diversifying into unfamiliar ventures, our focus earned us unsurpassable mastery of our chosen domain, EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTES.

We have a proven track record of delivering solutions that are Simple, Secure, Scalable, Customisable, Affordable, Easy to Implement, and ready to deliver MIS reports as per the REQUIREMENT of each institute!

And yes, we have successfully implemented ACADMiN Education ERP Software in more than 50+ Educational Institutes with more than One lakh students and 1000+ users!