Admission Management

The admission process is very difficult to manage the school admin but when you are using ACADMiN school management software school can easily maintain whole admission procedures with paperless and time saving. Student admission is a mandatory part of any school. Admission module provides a student admission process in four simple steps which are Form collection, Registration confirmation, fee collection and admission confirmation.

Student admission software is basically providing easiness to collect data about each and every student at the time of admission. Easily add the student academic and personal data with required documents which can be scanned and store in ACADMiN. You can also generate the fee receipt or various miscellaneous fees in advance at the time of student admission.

Features & Advantages of Admission Management System

  • Manage registration and entire admission process of the students for each academic year.

  • Storing students previous school history and certificates

  • Admission of students to a specific academic year in a specific stream, medium , standard and division with ease

  • Accept/Reject student admissions.

  • On acceptance of admission process, automatic transfer of details of the student/staff to school register and school records without any paper work

  • Get complete view of the student’s admission form with photo

  • Generate customized reports to get statistics of student admission

ACADMiN Admission Module

  • Admission Inquiry: Admission Enuiry can be done

  • Admission Form: New Student can fill the Admission Form, as well as Old Student Admission Data can be Managed.

  • Merit List Generation: Generate the Merit List

  • Direct Link with student management : It is directly linked to Student Data and can be managed any time.

  • Configurable with school website for online admission: School Admission can be done Online.

  • Admission Follow up details

  • Manage Registration Form: You can add new Student as well as manage the Existing Student