Alumni Konnects

Event Management:

In ACADMiN ERP Software each staffer and student can get to their Calendars which can have Academic and also non-academic occasions planned, consistent with the various Groups and Societies that the scholar or staffer may be a part of. Students get a special id and password and may enter their scheduled classes by tapping on the Calendar. ACADMiN-School ERP Software, College ERP Software, University ERP Software can integrate with an SMS gateway where the school can send message directly or to group. There are often fixed template of the SMS thereby controlling the outgoing content.

Alumni Management:

The Application of Alumni management system of ACADMiN ERP Software is employed to take care of data of Alumni and to supply a platform where Alumni can see the progress of an establishment and also participate in improving institution condition with help of donation.

  • ACADMiN ERP Software provides Website Alumni Registration.

  • ACADMiN ERP Software provides Event update on Dashboard.

  • ACADMiN ERP Software send Notification and Newsletter.

  • Organize Alumni Meets using ACADMiN ERP System.

  • Stay in Touch with a Classmates using ACADMiN ERP Software.

  • ACADMiN-School ERP Software, College ERP Software, University ERP Software provides Comprehensive reports.


  • School calendar.

  • Upcoming event/activities.

  • Mobile app integration.

  • Alumni directory.

  • Add pass out student to alumni.

  • Anytime access of alumni data.

  • Update alumni for school event & activity.

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