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Attendance Management

Features & Advantages of Attendance Management System

Instant SMS sent to parents on absent marking with Multi-Lingual Support.

Mark your Class Attendance in a flash using the Rapid Fire Feature.

Use of physical attendance register look alike view to give comfort to teachers.

Mark your attendance using Week and Month View.

Option to mark Leave and Notes.

ACADMiN Attendance Module

1. Subject wise Attendance : Students Attendance can be marked Subject Wised.

2. Day wise/Repeat attendance : 

3.Quick attendance : Quick Attendance can also be taken of the Students

4.Daily/Monthly/yearly attendance reports : ACADMiN provides Attendance Reports in graphical format on basis of Daily, Monthly, and Yearly.

5. Cumulative attendance :

6. Percentage attendance : It can also show the Calculated Percentage Attendance of the Student

7. SMS alert to absentees : SMS will be immediately sent to the Parents/Guardians of the student once the student is marked Absent.