Canteen & Nutrition Management

Canteen is an important part of any school/college. With proper canteen, students can feel stressed and have to look for other alternative including leaving the school premises for taking eating during recess time.

Canteen is also important for delegates, workers, faculty and other people who visit the campus on the daily purpose. To make the Canteen experience great both for the buyers and the seller, the ACADMiN team has integrated Point of Sale software within the platform.

Reducing the staff & paper works, this hostel module keeps the all updated records of students, their meal, breakfast, demands and other necessary things.

Benefits of this Module

Customizable Menu

  • Allows Administrator to create up to 255 Menu Items
  • Allows creation of Nine Different Menus

Auto-selected Item

  • One Item per Menu can be Defined as Default
  • Order Placement by Showing Credentials

Food Planning

  • Proper Food Planning using Attendance Data
  • Reduces Wastage of Food
  • Keeps Track of Food Consumption

Menu Schedule

  • Administrator can Schedule Menus
  • User can Select and Order any Item from the Menu

Cashless Transactions

  • Offers Post-paid and Pre-paid Accounting Options
  • Cashless Cafeteria Processing

Export Data to Payroll and Billing Software

  • No Manual Data Entry
  • Supports Integration with any Third Party Payroll
  • User-wise Consumption Details