E-Learning / E-Resource for Supportive Learning

E-Learning software for schools provide an online learning environment to students in class. E-learning solutions make the teacher’s task very favorable. Instead of maintaining assignment content, study material, technical papers in a book or register, the teacher can conserve it on the ERP. This software for schools makes uploading of syllabus and lesson plans trouble-free.

E-learning management software improves networking among faculty members. Faculty members can send/ share group emails, study material, time table and comments among each other

The teacher can access data virtually. Library links can be registered too. Students can use this portal for :

1. Online submission of assignments

2. Online test

3. Discussion of lesson plans

Every one of these modules is guaranteed to provide:

1. Real-life situations and cases based on our experts’ experiences

2. Entertaining, interactive training experiences at a lower cost (besides slashing travel expenses)

3. Learning sequences that learners can stop and start as they like without losing track

4. A platform available 24/7

5. Access to online resources

6. New technology enhances classical training methods and opens the door to faster, more effective learning.

E-Learning Tools That Can Be Accessed By Faculty Are:

Course material




Video files

Audio files