Frequently Asked Question’s

ACADMiN ERP is a School/College management system that:

  • Simplifies and standardize operational functions
  • Ensures a systematic functioning
  • Improves efficiency
  • Reduces the reliance on paperwork
  • Ensures complete accountability of money, materials, and activities
  • Assists in taking faster decisions from accurate information

Price of the software depends on the strength of students in your school.

ACADMiN ERP offers 24*7 online technical assistance to all its clients worldwide. All you need is an Internet connection.

ACADMiN ERP ensures a high level of data security to the institutions as per the industry standards.

Yes, ACADMiN ERP supports multiple school management feature, and therefore, you can manage your multiple school branches with a single account.

Yes, the student record is stored in the software for as long as the data is stored in it.

The complete data of the school is backed up securely and can be easily accessed whenever required.

Please, get in touch with us. Our software is highly customizable. Anything can be added or deleted anytime.

Yes, you can track the attendance of staff as well as students.

ACADMiN does not limit the number of students to be used by an institute. Therefore, you can manage an unlimited number of students in an institute with ACADMiN

ACADMiN functions as a complete package, so it is not possible to purchase a single/few module(s) and operate it. It has to be purchased and used as a complete package.

ACADMiN is one of its kind. It has been designed and developed after years and years of research on problems commonly faced by organizations across the globe. ACADMiN is a universal school management software which can just be suitable for any school anywhere in the world.

Well, our ACADMiN is an online Cloud based software. When we say it is web-based then it means it is online.

ACADMiN is an online software and we host this in our server.

Yes, there is data backup facility too. Customers can retrieve their data with no difficulty at all.