Hostel Management

Most schools have hostels which provide lodging and food to students. Outstation students who come to seek admission at a school register for hostel facility. Managing hostels is as similar as running a hotel. Schools need student hostel management software to keep their hostel management sorted.

Hostel management software for schools sort in-house hostel requirements. There are so many masters made available to the user for efficient hostel creation in the software

1. It allows you to manage all the school hostels efficiently.

2. It allows you to manage different students and teachers in different hostels and allocate different rooms to different students.

3. Keep a record of hostel ins and outs and hostel consumables and durables efficiently.

4. Generate Customized Reports for further reference.

Hostel Management consists:



Hostel Fees

Hostel admission

Room status

Room no. and capacity


Room allotment/ change

Dues and returns

Hostel id-card