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Hostel Management Software For Higher Education Institutions

Hostel management software oversees hostel activities/ work such as: defining hostels, hostel admission and costs , room and mess allotment, monthly mess bill calculation, student certificates, reports, hostel stores, accounts and hostel staff payroll.

This student hostel management software ensures the subsequent details to be fed for effective management. Like:

  • Hostel infrastructure

  • Mess creation and management

  • Registered students

  • Merit lists

  • Room and mess allotment

  • Mess bill calculation

  • Fines and Payroll

Financial accounting are often managed on the hostel management system. Cash, banks, JV entries, ledgers, balance , final accounts and reports are often registered too. Hostel store manages stock and purchases of products needed and required to effectively run hostels.

Hostel Reports That Can Be Generated Are :

  • Room wise list of scholars

  • Vacant room report

  • Hostel ID cards

  • Attendance report

  • Student address labels

  • Hostel certificates

  • Mess Bills & balance payment

  • Payroll register

  • Financial accounting reports

  • Stock register

  • Fine report

  • Students complete information

  • Dues & Refund report at the top of semester and year

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