Inventory Management

Inventory management is the ongoing process of moving goods into and out of a company’s locations. It includes such tasks as placing new orders for products and shipping orders to customers. Business leaders must have a firm grasp of everything involved in the inventory management process to find the right solutions to inventory challenges.

1. Proper allocation of resources

2. Defining groups/ units/ list of items

3. Complete stock status summary

4. Recording inventory transactions

5.  Availability of stock

It allows you to completely manage and keep a record of the school inventory.

Manage record of school consumables and durables proficiently.

Manage the whole inventory of the school with its items and different categories and assign different items to different categories.

Keep record of purchase order management and product inspections.

Get stock reports of school and alert for shortage of particular items.

Keep record of purchase order listing and vendor-supplier listing of the school.