Inward & Outward Manager

Inward Outward software is designed for public relation management. Concentrating on the Inward – Outward processing of any organization, the Inward-Outward software will help you in managing documents, track application and file management. By the help of this software and advanced feature added in it’s improved versions, your activity of Inward – Outward will be less bothered.


You can manage your received and sent application in a well organized computerized structure. You can analyze your organization’s performance on a single mouse click. It will help you to make follow-ups of your sent application. This software accepts your regional language inputs. This software is made with many more spatiality.

Key Features

Inward (Application Received)


Personal Address Book

Graphical Summary (Chart and Graph – Performance Analysis)

Available in Your Regional Language.

Outward (Follow Ups)

Report (Summary)

Expense Entry on each Case

Data Back Up

Ready-made Outward format with Your Signature