Lead Management

ACADMiN-School ERP Software, College ERP Software, University ERP Software provides streamline lead management activities, confirm that each leads are attended, and ensure zero leakage of leads. ACADMiN ERP Software determine the aging leads and make timely decisions to nourish and retain potential prospects. ACADMiN ERP identify the effectiveness of all the campaigns with actual real-time insights and analytics-enabled BI tools.

Features of this module:

  • Several sorts of campaigns are often run and managed directly with the lead management system and you’ll also track the effectiveness and success of every campaign using ACADMiN ERP Software.

  • There are often multiple stages in every campaign, as an example, the primary interaction might be via an SMS and therefore the next are often via email and further interaction maybe telephonic then on. Moreover, the campaign data are often segmented into various categories like students, prospects, etc. and different promotional content like newsletters, emailers, etc. are often sent accordingly.

  • Automate the method of capturing leads with the ACADMiN ERP Software and make a structured and centralized database. Leads are often captured via several channels and sources like Billboards, Ads, Offline Modes, Online, Social Media, Email Marketing, Paid Campaigns, Webinars, etc.

  • The ACADMiN lead management ERP Software stores this data in an organized manner. Structure the captured lead data in any way you would like to nurture the leads efficiently. The ACADMiN ERP sends auto-generated notifications whenever a lead goes unattended.

  • The ACADMiN ERP lead management system distributes and assigns leads automatically consistent with the institute to the respective executive supported the stream, region, campus or course preferred by the prospects. Confirm that only the concerned executives reach bent the precise prospects to supply them with the acceptable information. This ensures that your prospects get a call from a selected person and facilitates productive lead follow-up.

  • Close the converted leads within the system to prevent any longer activities or trigger any alerts for an equivalent. After the lead has been converted and closed, transfer the lead data to the admission module.