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Mobile App for Students & Parents

ACADMiN provides Mobile APP for everyone.

We design the app with your entire school community in mind. While the modules available create a comprehensive parent communication app, ACADMiN also offers benefits for both schools and students.


ACADMin offers a parent communication app solution that keeps parents informed of the happenings in their child's schooling life.


ACADMiN allows schools to send parent communications via their school app simply and easily, using a user-friendly system.


Students are saved the responsibility of bringing home communications for their parents due to their school app, allowing them to focus on their education.

Features & Advantages of Mobile App

1. More features, more fun!

2. A more convenient user experience.

3. You can generate revenue through your app.

4.  In-app search and the app store.

5. Additional security for your customers.

Why Mobile App ?

Instant Notification: Teacher can also give notification in case their child is absent to the school

Academic Details: Parents can check their academic details from wherever in world

Exam Date, Important Portions: Parents will get notices about childs exam date, important portions

Timetable: Teachers can easily check each period they are assigned to which class and which subject