Notice Manager

Why Notice Manager is Needed ?

Notice Manager of ACADMiN ERP allows you to share the updated circulars/notices regarding any urgent meeting, school event, or any other activity. Teachers and school staff can get the regular updates of the circulars immediately and get notified of all the important information.

Notice Board Management allows the school authorities to post important notices to online notice board which can be seen by students and staff members on their home screen after login. The school authorities can also post pictures, exam schedules, important notices such parents-teachers, picnic or activities/competition details etc on the notice board

Benefits of this Module

Send circulars to all the staff members in a mere click.

No scope of manual mistakes and errors.

Students and teachers can easily go through the notices through their logins.

The school authorities can automatically set to activate/deactivate a given notice for a given time period thus helping in automizing the posting and removal of notices after the given time period.

Easy and quick updates of all the necessary information.

Presents important information in a better and more enhanced way.

The authorities can also manually activate/deactivate the notices incase the school wants to remove the notice bearing wrong message.