Dynamic Result Generation

Result Generation

ACADMiN – All in one ERP helps manage Exams,Publish Results and conduct Online Test from one platform.

Easily notify your students and parents through SMS or App notification for each exam created. Also notify your users, when you declare the result.

Student Reports :

Generate Student progress report based on their performance in the exams.

Print a separate or combined exam report.

You can even include attendance summary/pass-fail ratio within the report.

Exam Results :

ACADMiN facilitates you to create results in a diligent manner by keeping in mind the widespread education system of India and abroad.

Our software helps create term/semester wise exam results. The faculties have a facility to enter marks of all students in a very stress free manner.

We provide features of multiple grading, grade display, Marks to grade converter and Percentage/Grade display to generate results and fulfill the requirements of all our clients.

Pass-Fail outcome can be generated using the grading mechanism.

Customized Result Template :

Fully dynamic generation of result. You can create & customize result based on your needs.

It provides plenty of features like Title, Indicators, Extra activity specification, Grade system, bulk fill marks, etc.

Our ACADMiN ERP helps you import various result templates of CBSE, Maharashtra and other state board formats and you can make edits in the templates as per your requirements. Also, if needed you can design your own template as per the institute format.

A feature to calculate Rank of students class wise and standard wise.

Result template has a plenty of features where you can set your institute specific requirements. Include subjects for which marks are to be counted in the result, calculate percentage for those subjects individually and aggregate the same in the Total at the end.

For schools or institutes following the grading system for result, calculate result on the basis of marks given and display the same to your students in the form of grades. This could be done both for a single or multiple subjects.