Roll No & ID Card Generation

Student Roll No. Allocation allows you to automatically allocate roll no to all the students of the school belonging to different standard and division.

Roll No. Allocation is simple and fast with just one click as sorting is computerized. Also firstname-wise and lastname-wise sorting can be done.

It allows you to automate the process of generation of ID Cards of all the students and staff members.

Features & Advantages of Roll No

Allocate roll no. to students of the classes with just one click

You can allocate roll no. firstname-wise or lastname-wise as per the board pattern

Updation of roll no. of students is easy and simple incase some of students leave the class

Features & Advantages of ID Card Generation

It gives you a wonderful facility of automatically generate the ID cards for school students and staff members.

It allows you to generate ID cards as per your school design needs.

Saves a lot of time by eradicating manual entry of the students and staff.