ACADMiN for Schools

ACADMiN School Management ERP aims at easing administrative hassles and enhancing, efficiency and productivity. The answer, is cloud based and supports various modern technologies like – Online payment gateway, RFID smart cards, bio-metric, mobile apps, email alerts etc. ACADMiN School Management ERP software is agile and may be tailored consistent with the wants of the institution.

ACADMiN-School ERP Management System believes that, true breakthrough in advancement is achieved when administrative and managerial activities are automated. As schools have comprehensive subjects and complex exam pattern; the need to go digital is paramount. ACADMiN School ERP Software provides the following advantages:

  • Empower lecturers through the E-learning platform

  • Keep oldsters and students within the property loop the least bit times, through SMS, Email and Mobile Apps.

  • Go paperless, generate e- reports on a click of a button.

  • Reduce monotonous task of your body department. ACADMiN School ERP Software can do the work for your school!

  • Track student on the way, to and from home.

  • Elegant web site presence, to showcase your school’s vision and mission for education.

  • Manage your library’s cataloguing, accessioning and circulation effortlessly.

Features Incorporated In ACADMiN School ERP System

  • The Multi-User Functionality solution provides the power of usage of cloud primarily based School ERP by multiple members supported their roles, by work in so, avoiding overburdening. The complete employees and school of the varsity will manage, activities and modules appointed to them through their login.

  • The User Interface of ACADMiN School ERP Software being straightforward to use and quite interactive facilitates totally different users at school to manage operations with efficiency with none technical facilitate from an engineer.

  • Modules provided by ACADMiN School ERP Software are Interlinked and Customizable i.e. is tailored consistent with the necessities of the varsity. The executive head of the varsity will have associate access to any or all operations that are being processed, tabulated or recorded.

  • As ACADMiN School ERP Software primarily cloud based service saves information on cloud rather than saving it on redistributed databases thus, the information is retrieved simply. Backup of information from ACADMiN School ERP Sofware is automatic and therefore the faculty doesn’t have to be compelled to invest in hardware to store data.

  • ACADMiN School ERP Software cloud primarily based service has the expedience to get reports, receipts and challans through the software package. The reports may be exported in PDF, Excel, Word and different formats.

  • ACADMiN School ERP Software sends SMS and Emails to oldsters, guardians regarding the daily activities of their wards. SMS and Email informs parents/ guardians regarding events, examination, attendance, reports and assignment.

School ERP Modules

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  • ACADMiN-School ERP Software support is out there on-line and on web site, 24×7, to help any technical help needed. The services offered square measure quite stable and easy so abundant troubleshooting.

  • Schools will request for a free demonstration or an trial version of the ACADMiN School ERP Software package, to grasp options of the merchandise. The trial version is obtainable for thirty days.

  • ACADMiN-School ERP Software, an android mobile application for schools to mark attendance, manage events and connect parents with day to day activities of the child.

  • ACADMiN School ERP Software have ACADPAY, a web portal to pay all kinds of fees anytime, anywhere. Patrons will use ACADPAY on sensible phones or computers. ACADPAY offers payment via varied gateways like Paytm , Atom, Billdesk.

School Management Software For Different Boards In India

1) State Board Of Education

Every state in India has its own board of education that conducts certificate examinations for categories X to XII. The information and co-curricular activities, of every state board square measure primarily based upon the regional history and connection. ACADMiN offers custom-made solutions for all State Boards.

2) The Central Board Of Secondary Education (CBSE)

All CBSE schools, non-public and public make up the big umbrella of the Union Government of Asian nation, and follow the course of study designed by NCERT. We provide – Cloud enabled CBSE school Management software system, tailored keeping in mind CBSE norms and needs.

ACADMiN TestQuest Examination Module For CBSE School Software Promises The Following Traits:

  • User will outline test Session for every tutorial year; will outline maximum/minimum grades, test marks and points that have to be compelled to be integrated before assessments. This ensures simple analysis.

  • Scholastic and Co-Scholastic grade and mark scale will be outlined for every subject.

  • The user will outline subject, class it falls under; be it Scholastic or Co-Scholastic, required or nonobligatory, and sensible. Looking on the topic, user will determine symbols for every subject.

  • For easy management of examination processes, user can generate reports of the following:

    • Examination List (Scholastic/ Co-Scholastic)
    • Marks Pattern List
    • Descriptive Indicators
    • Grades’ List
    • List of descriptive indicators
    • Student Registration details
    • Allotment of Marks
    • Subject-wise, Examination- wise marks
    • Consolidated Marksheet
  • As, the Co-scholastic Areas and Activities have descriptive Indicators; the software package provides gratifying results. The user will outline, amendment or establish every descriptive indicator.

  • Once the subsequent has been known by the software package, user will register every student for examination. Registration of student is done every at a time or in bulk.

  • The interface has the ability to allot roll numbers to every student. Once the examinations square measure over, user will assign marks to all or any subjects (Scholastic and Co-Scholastic).

  • The TestQuest Software package has marks integrated in its system thereby the ERP will generate or prepare grade card / mark list, to be written.

Marksheets Generated Are:

  • Subject-wise

  • Student-wise

  • Examination (term) wise

  • Formative Assessment

  • Summative Assessment

  • Complete/ Consolidated report card

  • Customized consistent with the newest CBSE CCE pattern

  • Teachers don’t need to maintain individual student file/folder

  • Auto- calculations of formative and summational assessments marks

  • Auto- generation of report cards supported CBSE system

  • Parents area unit updated regarding examination and marks through SMS and Email.

3) Indian Certificate Of Secondary Education (ICSE)

ICSE Board of Examination may be a personal, non-governmental board of faculty education and encompasses a totally different set of rules and rules for lecturers and examinations. In most faculties, for normal I to VII, the school and also the board of academicians have Associate in Nursing autonomous information, the books referred area unit of various publications in and of itself. From VIII to X, faculties begin making ready its students for ICSE Board Examinations.

ACADMiN-School ERP Software understands the requirements of ICSE school Software; as ICSE faculties have a comprehensive vary of subjects and follow a distinct examination and assessment pattern, the school ERP software provides customized resolution.

4) International Baccalaureate (IB)

International Baccalaureate, a non profit academic foundation, focuses on a student central approach to coach, generate wonder and nurture totally different disciplines of study. IB’s interactive learning programs offer:

  • A la bill information wherever the scholar has the liberty to decide on subjects as per his/her feeling.

  • Teaching strategies target learning aspects of disciplines/subjects.

  • Global recognition of IB’s instructional programs develops student into a worldwide persona.

Start Using ACADMiN School ERP Software For Your Schools In 10 Minutes!

ACADMiN-School ERP System is strong, dynamic and multi- user. ACADMiN School ERP Software is stable and straightforward to use. Installation is quick; information stays secure on the cloud server. we provide on-line and offline troubleshooting 24×7.