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Student Management

Features & Advantages of Student Management System

1. Student information storage, including grades and attendance

2. Faculty management

3. Report generation

4.Tool-assisted scheduling

5. Access portals for students and parents

6. Enrollment or registration management

7. Medical and health management

8. State compliance assistance

ACADMiN Student Module

1. Complete profile with photographs : Students complete Data can be stored such as name, age, address, qualification details etc. along with his/her photographs.

2. Family and guardian detail : Student Family/ Guardian details such as name, age, address, qualification, occupation etc.

3. Facility for uploading documents : ACADMiN provides a facility of uploading any documents, in any format eg. pdf, jpg, etc

4. Daily Attendance : Daily Attendance is being Stored 

5. Auto roll number generation : Roll no. can be auto generated

6. Inbuilt ID card : ID Card can be created of particular Student after the registration , or after the Admission Process completes

7. Custom Well designed reports

8. Generates Certificate : ACADMiN allows you to generate the Certificates of students like Bonafide and provides a facility to Download it.