Student Management

Student Management System is the one of the key modules of our solution that helps you to maintain detailed student profile with historical tracking of changes and transformations over a period of years.

ACADMiN provides a very easy to use, customizable and accessible student information management system with all required powerful tools for admission, teaching, assessments, and evaluation. This complete integrated SIS supports dynamic reports, real-time notifications & outstanding mobility support for academic & administrative processes. Successfully empower and engage students to innovate. So teach up for excellence.

Features of Student Management System

Student information storage, including grades and attendance

Faculty management

Report generation

Tool-assisted scheduling

Access portals for students and parents

Enrollment or registration management

Medical and health management

State compliance assistance

ACADMiN Student Module

Complete profile with photographs

Family and guardian detail

Managing Students Data

Bulk Uploading Students.

Auto Assigning Roll no. and Divisions to Students

ID card and Certificate Generation