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Timetable Management

Features & Advantages of Timetable Management

1. Create Timetable:

– You can easily change between the tabs: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc… to add the timetable details for the week.

– Period and its related start time and end time can be configured from the configurations.

2. Timetable Schedules: 

– Here you can create time schedules for each weekday and for any classes.

– Also, here it allows viewing timetable schedules per week, faculty-wise, class wise etc…For this, you have to do is to select your preferred filter combinations.

3. Faculty Wise Time Table:

– If you want the faculty timetable for the current weekday then you can give: Group By Faculty + Filter: Weekday

4. Timetable of the class:

– Here you will get the result for each class and its timetable per weekday

ACADMiN Timetable Module

1. Generation of Time Table :

2. Alert on exceeding subject limits : 

3.Alert for teacher occupancy :

4. Timetable for students :

5. Timetable for teachers :

6. Proxy setting :