Timetable Management

Features of Timetable Management

1. Create Timetable:

– You can easily change between the tabs: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc… to add the timetable details for the week.

– Period and its related start time and end time can be configured from the configurations.

2. Timetable Schedules: 

– Here you can create time schedules for each weekday and for any classes.

– Also, here it allows viewing timetable schedules per week, faculty-wise, class wise etc…For this, you have to do is to select your preferred filter combinations.

3. Faculty Wise Time Table:

– If you want the faculty timetable for the current weekday then you can give: Group By Faculty + Filter: Weekday

4. Timetable of the class:

– Here you will get the result for each class and its timetable per weekday

ACADMiN Timetable Module

Generation of Time Table

Alert on exceeding subject limits

Alert for teacher occupancy

Timetable for students

Timetable for teachers

Proxy setting